Changes in society has so pushed State’s youngsters to crime that there are several teenagers who are part of gangland groups, Former Superintendant of Police C.M. Pradeep Kumar has said.

One of the main reasons for this was the inefficiency of institutions like family, religion, and schools that so far disciplined the society, Mr. Pradeep Kumar said. He was speaking at a seminar on ‘Are the youth being criminalised?’ organised by the St. Alphonsa Group of institutions here on Thursday.

He said families, not even nuclear families existed now, as the children were being sent off to hostels or other States as soon as possible. Religion, instead of unifying people, had now become a major divisive factor while schools lost their hold in character formation of the students. In addition, the enforcement agencies were paralysed, he added.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Prince Abraham, who inaugurated the one-day seminar, spoke on the deviant lifestyle of the youth and advised them to stick to the path shown by great people.

The inaugural function was followed by competitions in poster making, collage, mime and elocution for college as well as Higher Secondary School students.

MLA A. Pradeep Kumar inaugurated the afternoon session and commented that the children of today had no emotional attachment to their parents or other elders.

According to him, guardians were to be blamed for the lack of tolerance, sympathy or generosity among the children.

Mr. Kumar also demanded a check on television serials that were leading the children on a wrong path. He called for creative intervention by the guardians as well as teachers in showing the right path to the youth.

Director of St. Alphonsa group of institutions Shibu Joseph Kottayil and City Police Commissioner G. Sparjan Kumar were present on the occasion.

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