Wants credit for initiatives

The Left Democratic Front (LDF) leadership has questioned the ‘claims’ of sitting MP M.K. Raghavan on his performance on the development front in the constituency in the past five years.

In an attempt to warm up for the campaign for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) [CPI(M)]-led LDF leadership, in a statement here on Monday, questioned the veracity of the claims being made by Mr. Raghavan. It alleged that these were either “exaggerated or hollow.”

Mr. Raghavan had criss-crossed the constituency amid much publicity highlighting his achievements. It was this campaign that had provoked the LDF to come out with a statement questioning Mr. Raghavan’s claims.

The LDF leadership was not prepared to concede any credit to Mr. Raghavan even for the development of the Kozhikode railway station, and said some portion of its platform continued to be without roof.

The statement also claimed credit for the Defence Ministry’s warship design centre at Chaliyam, another major development project to come up recently in Kozhikode, and said “the decision to establish it in Chaliyam was taken when the LDF was in power.”

The LDF leadership claimed that though many facilities had come up at the Government Medical College Hospital and the Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences in recent years, these were based on project reports submitted when the LDF was in power.

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