Memories of the life and times of an illustrious son of Kozhikode who went on to be a world leader have once again found a place in the minds of his own people.

The V.K. Krishna Menon Museum and Art Gallery, which houses the souvenirs and rare photographs of the statesman, nationalist, and diplomat, was thrown open to the public on Monday.


Located at East Hill in the city, the colonial bungalow, nestled in an extensive garden, has been renovated to regain its place in the historic and tourist itinerary of the Malabar region.

Krishna Menon was born at Panniyankara of British Malabar and completed his early education here, before leaving for Madras to claim his rightful space on the world stage.

The gallery, started in the mid-1970s, had gone to seed over the years and was a forgotten monument, until the government recently decided to bring it back on the tourist map.

The museum building itself is steeped in the colonial history of northern Kerala — it was the official residence of the Malabar District Collector. The first phase of the renovation of the museum and gallery has been completed at an estimated cost of Rs.38 lakh. Minister for Social Welfare M.K. Muneer inaugurated the completion of the first phase of the work.

At the inaugural function, Minister for Museums and Zoos P.K. Jayalakshmi stressed the need to accelerate the work on the second phase of the renovation, and provide better infrastructure and facilities to visitors.

She said the construction of a new building to display historic and cultural artefacts was under consideration. Facilities and infrastructure should be developed without disturbing the natural surroundings and biodiversity of the area.

A. Pradeep Kumar, Kozhikode MLA, said local area development funds should be used to improve the museum.

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