The District Bus Operators’ Co-ordination Committee has threatened to go on strike if the Motor Vehicles Department attempts to disrupt bus services by “invoking draconian laws.”

K. Radhakrishnan, convener of the coordination committee, said in a statement here on Thursday that the service would be discontinued if any bus operating after having paid the necessary tax was subjected to inspection to check whether speed governors had been fitted.

“If there is a lightning strike, the Transport Commissioner and his officials alone would be responsible,” he said. He said those who were trying to enforce the rule regarding speed governors had not arranged for facilities to repair of faulty speedy governors. If trips were disrupted by officials on account of issues related to speed governors, neither the bus owners nor the bus crew would be responsible, he said.

He alleged that the insistence on speed governor was a pretext to pocket commission from speed-governor manufacturers. There were other effective ways to check speeding, like giving more time for buses to operate on allotted routes, he claimed.