Academic and administrative supervision and monitoring of the schools in the district has suffered a major blow with most of the key educational posts, including that of the Deputy Director of Education (DDE), remaining vacant in the district for over a month.

If the DDE’s post has been remaining unfilled since May 31, same is the case with two of the three District Educational Officers (DEO)’s post in the district for the last two months, according to sources from the Education Department.

June is a crucial month for schools. “It is July already, and the district is still without a DDE and two DEOs, besides many of the Assistant Educational Officers (AEOs),” K.P. Sheeba, district panchayat education standing committee chairperson, told The Hindu.

With a huge strength of nearly 1,250 schools and several important educational activities on calendar, the district cannot afford to go ahead with its crucial educational administration posts vacant from the very beginning of the academic year, she said.

K. Kunhammad, Perambra MLA, who had raised the issue in the last District Development Committee meeting, said the overall supervision of schools in the district was “in a complete mess” with these key posts remaining vacant for some time now. “Such crucial things seem to be nowhere on the priority list of the government at the moment,” said Mr. Kunhammad. He said many schools in the district also started their academic year without a permanent headmaster as the posts remained vacant an dthe authorities showed no enthusiasm to fill them after duly conducting the departmental promotion committee meetings.

Such “crucial things,” according to him, should have been done in the very beginning of an academic year or it would seriously affect the academic and non-academic performance of schools. The government records say that there are around 17,500 teachers and four lakh students in the district. 

Abdul Salam, a senior teacher at a government school here, said June and July were very crucial. Many academic processes have to be initiated during this time, which would be practically impossible without consultation with higher officers.

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