‘Environmental pollution by some countries has brought health hazards to less polluting countries.’

Unbridled and insensitive human interventions in nature have caused serious disruption of its rhythm and balance, threatening even the existence of life on earth, former Finance Minister T.M. Thomas Isaac says.

He was speaking at a function where he released the book ‘Silent Victims’ here on Monday.

Dr. Isaac said the book, written in an “economic perspective” by K. Satheesh Babu, was an important contribution towards understanding the hidden sides of large-scale environmental pollution caused by some countries that has brought serious health hazards to other less polluting countries in the world.

For this reason primarily, the book would set off a series of discussions but would not be talked about in the sphere of environmental pollution in a global context, he said.

“It’s a layman’s knowledge that global warming is a reality now,” he said

Director of Keluttan Study Centre K.T. Kunhikannan introduced the book, which was authored by Mr. Babu after around 10 years of research and studies in the area.

Environmentalist T. Sobeendran received a copy of the book from Dr. Isaac during the function.

Jnaneswari Publications editor Manishankar, Writers U.K. Kumaran, Kadeeja Mumtaz, and library movement worker Pullot Balakrishnan, who presided over the function, spoke on the occasion.

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