Long traffic snarls and knee-deep water on the main thoroughfares of the city on Monday left commuters stranded even as the district ran up losses to the tune of Rs. 2.9 lakh owing to incessant rain.

Overflowing sewers flooded pavements due to incomplete drainage work and the slush found its way onto the busy Mavoor Road. Traffic signals remained off during peak traffic hours, resulting in long queues of vehicles from East Nadakkavu along the city’s central portion of Mananchira Square, Palayam, Rajaji Road, Arayadathupalam junction and farther till Feroke on the city’s outskirts.

The continuous rain through the day, however, did not deter street vendors from selling wares along the narrow pavements of SM Street and Mananchira, further clogging the roads as pedestrians shopping for Eid spilled over to the main roads.

Continuous rain on Sunday night saw the entry point to the moffussil bus stand flooded, with sludge gathered in front of the bus shelter. Prolonged repair work along Pavamani Road also contributed to the chaotic traffic situation in the city as motorists negotiated potholes.

Varakkal beach also saw a huge crowd as people thronged the sea shore in preparation to offer Karkadaka Vavubali falling on Tuesday.

Low-lying areas in the district have been affected by the heavy rains. A district administration statement said 14 houses had been partially and one completely destroyed in the past 24 hours. District Collector C.A. Latha informed that the shutters of Kakkayam dam were opened by 7.5 cm due to the heavy rain.

District Medical Officer P.K. Mohanan has also issued a public health advisory to counter occurrence of any water-borne diseases.

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