The ban on supplying drinking water by tanker lorries without obtaining proper permits from the local self-government institutions concerned is reportedly being flouted in many locations in the city.

In the wake of the increasing water scarcity, commercial establishments such as hotels and restaurants are dependant on the supply of water by tanker lorries. According to sources, many of these tanker lorries lack a valid licence to supply the drinking water.

Also, the water sources of the tanker lorries are unknown in many cases.

Last year, the situation was a bit different as the health department convened a special review meeting of its officials to ensure proper vigilance in the sector and prevent all unauthorized supply of drinking water to prevent the spread of water-borne diseases.

It had also alerted local self government bodies to check the licences and seize all vehicles those violated the norms.

As per the recent orders from the government, three-tier panchayats, municipalities and the city corporation have the legal powers to seize vehicles that supply water without obtaining licence from the concerned local bodies.

The rule also makes it clear that people who are caught for the illegal water supply will also be liable to face further legal action if the seized water contains impure substances or is found to be contaminated after checking in a government laboratory.

A health department official said it is the responsibility of the local self-government bodies to enforce the rule.

Meantime, efforts are on to ensure the purity of all public drinking water sources through chlorination process.

The private wells too will be covered in the drive shortly.

The plan of the department is to begin the pre-monsoon health campaign by the middle of May.

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