Only one petrol-filling station in Malabar region remains open

On Tuesday, the staff at the Supplyco petrol filling station at the Pavamani Road in Kozhikode found it tough serving the long queue of vehicles that jostled for their turn to refill their tanks.

The petrol filling station in the city was the only one that remained open as all other petrol pumps under the Petrol Dealers’ Association in the Malabar region went on a dawn-to-dusk token strike to express solidarity with the striking lorry contractors serving Hindustan Petroleum Ltd (HP).

The traffic police also had a tough time streamlining the vehicles that formed a long line to cause a traffic block on the Pavamani Road. The city roads as such were choked with the festival of Onam closing in.

Owners of lorries transporting fuel for HP have been on strike for the last 10 days demanding an increase in the rent for their vehicles.

HP fuel stations remain shut due to the fuel supply disruption.

The traffic bottleneck on the Pavamani Road received a let-up only late in the evening around 6 p.m., when the striking petrol stations elsewhere in the city started functioning.


Strike leads to queues at petrol bunksMay 8, 2013

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