Buildings define a city’s character, but rarely do they get documented. A group of Kozhikode-based artists have embarked on such a venture, to document structures in cities of the state.

Led by cartoonist M. Dileef, the team also has N. Prajeesh and Suresh Narikkuni. The drawing tour is named Varadakshina. The team will visit major cities in the State caricaturing the iconic and historically important buildings in cities from different angles.

The journey of the team in a car with a few aides began from Kochi on September 6. After drawing almost all important structures of the port city, the team reached Kozhikode on September 13.

It has already covered nearly 30 important structures and landmark spots in the city including the historic AIR building, centuries-old Mananchira Pond, Corporation Building, Town Hall, Sarovaram Bio Park, and the famous Bombay Hotel on the Beach.

The artists, after deciding upon the structures, conveniently place their easels around them so as to make the sketching from different angles easy. “All three of us draw the same image from different angles,” says Mr. Dileef, who has conducted caricature shows across the country.

The work, after completion, will be neatly framed and displayed at the same venue for the public to buy.

The drawing tour, according to the artists, is also aimed at familiarising the public with the art form of ‘Building Caricature,’ which is popular in most European and Asian countries like France and Malaysia. “Interestingly, the response from the people here also is overwhelming,” says Mr. Dileef.

“Only that there are not many artists who practice this form of drawing,” he adds. The line-drawings are being increasingly sought by hotels and other commercial firms for decorating their interiors. A few commercial firms including an upcoming restaurant in the city, have already approached them for a set of line-drawings, Mr. Dileef says. The drawings on art paper are in different sizes from 3X2 feet to 3X2 metres.

After finishing with Kozhikode, the team will move to the next city on September 23

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