A magistrate court in Kozhikode on Friday came up with a novel penalty for smoking in public. Additional Honorary Special Judicial Magistrate K.C. Gopinath made two men to write that “I will not smoke in public again” 1,000 times each.

The two men, who were produced in court on Thursday by the personnel of the Kozhikode City Vanitha Police Station, were ordered to write the “imposition” after a severe round of reprimand from the court.

A lesson to youth

The court said this should be a lesson to youngsters who smoked in public by openly flouting the law against public smoking with no regard or concern for public health.

The duo was identified as Abba Mahal Ramees of Karaparamba and Piyush of Skyline Marine Gate, a statement issued by the district administration said.

The usual fine for public smoking is Rs.100.

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