Rs.23.84 crore for infrastructure projects

The City Corporation’s Plan fund for 2013-14, which was approved on Tuesday, earmarks Rs.78.75 crore for projects under various heads.

Projects to be taken up include those under the Plan fund, the development fund (general) with an allocation of Rs.36.24 crore; those under the 13 Financial Commission award, Rs.14.44 crore; Scheduled Caste category fund, Rs.6.81 crore; maintenance grant, 7.08 crore for non-road category; and Rs.14.15 crore for road category. Infrastructure development is one of the thrust areas with a total allocation of 23.84 crore, approximately 30 per cent of the entire Plan fund. The stadium grandstand work, as part of the National Games, gets an allocation of Rs.1.25 crore. The work includes renovation of city roads, bus stands, drainage, and street lighting.

In view of the drought situation, water supply projects get Rs.3.13 crore, of which Rs.1.4 crore will be used for the extension of the sub mainline. Improvement work on the mini-drinking water project at Parammel at a cost of Rs.12 lakh and the implementation of a similar project at Chulliyod at a cost of Rs.10 lakh are also planned.

As much as Rs.6.81 crore have been earmarked for the welfare of Scheduled Castes. Out of this, Rs.1.58 crore will be given away as aid for buying land.