29 physical abuse cases reported from April 1 to October 31

The latest data for the district released by the ChildLine India Foundation on the number of child abuse cases has brought to light an upsetting trend in which the parents are held responsible for majority of the incidents.

Of the 12 sexual abuse cases exposed through the intervention of the ChildLine, five are directly linked to the parents.


Four fathers and a mother have been held responsible in connection with these cases reported from April 1 to October 31.

Out of the 29 physical abuse cases reported during the term, parents have direct involvement in 21 cases. The ChildLine team exposed 11 fathers and seven mothers during their field intervention programmes.

Strangely, FIR was registered in only one case, in which a girl child was allegedly beaten to death.

Some of the cases were handed over for the consideration of the Child Welfare Committee and the counselling team for follow-up action.

In emotional abuse cases too, the role of parents have been found to be high. Of the 24 cases reported during the term, the parents had hand in 12 cases.

Eleven fathers and a mother has been found guilty by the ChildLine volunteers during the term.

The latest figure has also brought out the attempts of nine families to marry off their children violating the existing age norms. With the help of the Child Development Project Officer, all the nine attempts were foiled by the ChildLine team.


The ChildLine officials have also found the involvement of teachers, relatives, and neighbours in various cases reported during the term.

Nine teachers, four relatives, and a few neighbours too have been exposed in connection with the cases.

M.P. Mohammed Ali, city Coordinator of Childline, said they would organise a series of programmes aimed at establishing a child-friendly atmosphere in families and the society in the wake of the upsetting figure.

“The Childline Se Dosthi campaign-2013 will be conducted in the city from November 14 to 20 with the purpose, he added.

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