The preliminary checking of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) to be used for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections has started at the Civil Station here.

A seven-member team of engineers from Electronics Corporation of India Ltd. is coordinating the checking and sealing process of the machines for ensuring their flawless operation.

The EVMs, after the checking, will be moved to a strong room. To ensure transparency and accuracy in the process, the activities are being recorded on camera.

So far, 2,807 machines have reached the district from Andhra and various other districts of Kerala. On Sunday, 1,611 more machines will reach the district. On completion of the sealing work, a separate batch of 3,175 machines will be brought to the district from Punjab.

Polling booths

Special Correspondent writes: The number of polling booths for the Lok Sabha elections has increased to 2,047 in the district, District Collector C.A. Latha said in a press release here on Saturday.

1,003 in Kozhikode

While the 2009 Lok Sabha polls saw 1,004 booths in Vadakara, this time the booths have increased to 1,044.

In the Kozhikode constituency, there were 952 booths in 2009, but this time the number has touched 1,003.

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