Development funds for each ward increased

The City Corporation’s budget for 2013-14 was passed unanimously with amendments here on Tuesday, following two days of discussions. One of the key amendments is to increase the funds for developmental activities for each ward by Rs. 1.5 lakh. Two public taps will also be provided in each of the wards.

The amendments were announced in the reply speech to the discussion, given by the Deputy Mayor P.T. Abdul Latheef .

The funds for road works allotted earlier have been redistributed after several councillors raised the issue. As per the amendment, 48 wards will now get Rs. 2.50 crore and the rest of the 27 wards will get Rs. 1.30 crore. Earlier, these were respectively Rs. 3.30 crore and Rs. 50 lakh.

A final decision on the Rs. 23 crore multi-level parking lot proposed to be constructed near Mavoor Road, will be taken only after further discussions in the Council. Renovation work is also planned around the parking area adjacent to the Corporation stadium.

However, Mr. Latheef said that concerns might be raised against using the stadium’s area for parking.

The opposition members, for the second day running, raised objections to a line in the Mayor A.K. Premajam’s budget speech in which she mentioned ‘certain forces that are hampering the development of the Corporation’. They demanded that the Mayor should make it clear whom she meant by that comment.

The Mayor later clarified that she did not mean any particular councillor by that comment, but outside elements.

K. Mohammed Ali of the IUML said that the annual budget has now been reduced to a set of declarations which are not fulfilled. He said that steps must be taken to fulfil the promises.

The Opposition Leader M.T. Padma also criticised the ruling party for not being able to achieve anything in the past 50 years. She said that the council which was not able to get any funds even during the tenure of the LDF government is now blaming the UDF government for lack of funds.

The Deputy Mayor also said that steps will be taken to speed up the processing of files in the Corporation.

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