The Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) drive to put a tight leash on rogue motorcyclists seems to be paying off with a sharp dip in traffic violations in the region.

While 42 cases were registered for speeding and not wearing helmets, driving licences of 38 persons were cancelled in the district on Thursday. Wayanad saw 42 cases being registered and 38 licences cancelled. In Kannur and Kasargod, 57 and 32 cases were registered, respectively, on Thursday.

But statistics released by the department showed that the number of cases registered and driving licences cancelled on Wednesday was zero in Kozhikode, Wayanad, and Kannur. However, 160 cases were registered for speeding and helmet violations in Malappuram on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, 90 cases were registered and 74 licences cancelled for speeding and helmet violations in Kozhikode alone.

In Malappuram, 130 two-wheeler owners lost their licences and got cases registered against them.

The same day, cases were registered against 26 persons while 19 lost their driving licences in Wayanad. In Kannur, 78 persons had cases registered while 69 had their licences cancelled.

The drive follows the rise in flouting of traffic norms by two-wheeler riders.

As per a statement by the State Transport Commissioner’s office, 1,30,3156 cases were registered for helmet violations in 2012 in the State.

This year, till July, the count had already reached 9,50,779 cases. The total number of accident deaths involving motorcycles was 1,613 in 2012 in the State, it said.

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