The KPCC president inaugurated a state-level campaign against corruption organised by KSU

There may be a few rotten eggs in politics but politics per se is a not dirty, KPCC president V.M. Sudheeran has said.

Inaugurating a State-level campaign against corruption organised by the Kerala Students Union (KSU) here on Wednesday, Mr. Sudheeran said that it was the responsibility of those who enter politics to be dignified in their activities by displaying honesty and truthfulness.

A noble enterprise

In one of the major programmes of the KSU after becoming the KPCC chief, Mr. Sudheeran who addressed the young brigades of the party at the Town Hall here, pointed out that the bad deeds of a single leader would affect the image of the party. “We need to work hard to show the nation that politics is a noble enterprise,” he said.

Urging students to personally take up the responsibility to cleanse politics and the Congress party by emerging as ‘clean leaders’, Mr. Sudheeran said that no one should mistake politics as a means to achieve personal goals.

He said that society also had a great responsibility in wiping out corruption from the public sphere. “Each member of the society should undertake an oath that he or she will not give or take bribe,” he said.

Mr. Sudheeran said that the Congress under the initiative of Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi had taken several measures to check corruption which included introduction of the Lok Pal Bill and the Right to Information Act.

One could not completely rule out corruption in a political system, he said. “What matters is how a party deals with corruption once a case comes to the open,” he said stating that there were cases of even senior Congress leaders being jailed for corruption cases.

Observing that the emergence of communal outfits in the college campuses of State was owing to the failure of the mainstream parties’ students wing including KSU, Mr. Sudheeran said that the students union should seriously introspect on where they had failed .

KSU district president V.P. Dulkifil welcomed the gathering. KSU State president V.S. Joy presided over the function. DCC President K.C. Abu, leaders T. Sidhiq, P.V. Gangadharan and P. Sankaran among others spoke.

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