Khasi Foundation Iftar party commemorates the 520th anniversary of the Portuguese attempt to burn down the historic Miskhal mosque at Kuttichira.

The Iftar get-together organised by the Khasi Foundation here on Saturday was an occasion to commemorate the 520th anniversary of the attempt by the Portuguese to burn down the historic Miskhal mosque at Kuttichira. The function also turned out to be an occasion that emphasised the strong bonds of communal harmony that has been the hallmark of the social life of this region.

The Miskhal mosque was attacked by the Portuguese, led by Albukar, in the Hijra year 915 on the 22nd day of the holy month of Ramzan as Portuguese badly wanted to weaken the Muslims and dominate trade with Zamorin. M.G.S. Narayanan, historian, who spoke at a function in connection with the Iftar get-together, pointed out that the Portuguese had underestimated the strong communal harmony that prevailed in the times of Zamorin. They realised their mistake when the Nairs and Muslims joined hands to fight the Portuguese and restore Miskhal Mosque to its lost glory. The event is remembered as a testimony to the strong bonds of friendship that existed between the Nair and Muslim communities during the Zamorin rule. Other speakers said the revival of Miskhal mosque was a victory against imperialist forces.

The function was held at Muhyaddeen House, the ancestral home of the family of Khasi of Kozhikode who stand as living symbol of the centuries old Muslim traditions of Kozhikode.

Zamorin P.K.S. Raja, and Kozhikode Valia Khasi K.V. Imbichammad Haji exchanged brocaded shawls as a token of the communal harmony that prevailed in Kozhikode.

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