Employees fear scrapping of delivery system

With probably the same speed with which urgent mails are delivered via Speed Post, an order regarding scrapping of the current system of Speed Post delivery using motorcycles within the city and surrounding areas was announced on Tuesday morning and cancelled the same evening. But to the speed postmen of the city, who have been delivering urgent mails swiftly for several years now, there is something to read from this move. They allege it is the first step to entirely do away with the service.

“We had got an order on Tuesday morning from the higher ups regarding the scrapping of the service. As per the new arrangement, the speed posts were supposed to be redirected to the sub centres from where it will be distributed through the postmen. The speed postmen who were on deputation were to go back to their regular duties. The order was cancelled in the evening,” said the Manager of the Speed Post Centre in Kozhikode.

One of the speed postmen said the scrapping of the delivery system would make speed post as good as snail mail. “Ten of us are part of the delivery team in Kozhikode. For the past many years, we have been delivering urgent mails promptly,” he said.

A few months ago, the Calicut Head Post Office had implemented this system for speed posts under a few post offices in the city, including civil station, Merikkunnu, and Kuthiravattom. “The most obvious gainers from fall in speed post delivery and eventual scrapping are the private courier agencies. Also, the administration probably aims to save the money spent on fuel for our delivery bikes. We got the bikes only two years ago,” he said.

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