Childless couples in Kozhikode held a programme against the cruel treatment meted out to children by parents

All the 30 couples who assembled at the Kidson Corner here were childless. And all had a poignant question to ask. “We have been denied parenthood. But, why do some parents push their children to living hell?”

An organisation formed by these couples, Progeny-free Couples’ Welfare Organisation, held a programme on Friday against the cruel treatment meted out to children by parents.

The programme, titled ‘Sishu Samrakshana Sayahnam,’ was inaugurated by social critic M.N. Karassery. “Where can a child be secure if not with his/her parents? How can parents behave so heinously? Civic society has turned a blind eye towards happenings around them. Neighbours, teachers and classmates should be made accountable when such cruelties happen to children, for they did not do their duty to a fellow citizen,” Mr. Karassery said.

He questioned the reason for the increasing tendency towards alcoholism and suicide in a State that boasts of high political awareness and spirituality.

“Half a century ago, Karkidakam was a month of poverty. Still there were no poverty-related suicides. But now with greater inflow of wealth, we lack in love and kindness for our fellow beings. Kerala is termed ‘Bhargava Kshetram’ after Parasurama who killed his mother. Let us not follow his footsteps,” Mr. Karassery added.

The programme began with the members of the organisation paying floral tribute to Adithi Namboothiri who was beaten to death by his father and stepmother in Kozhikode a few months ago.

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