Students develop new goal-line technology

At a time when football fever grips the world, many will be familiar with goal-line technology, which is being used in the FIFA World Cup 2014 to reduce human errors in goal detection.

Four final year B. Tech students of Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology, Kakkanad, have come up with an efficient and cheaper way of implementing goal-line technology.

The students of electronics and communication department, Tharun Alex, Nibin Joseph Joy, Robin Varghese and Sonu.S. Jose, under the guidance of their Assistant Professor Walter Joseph developed the technology as part of their project.

The goal-line technology ensures accuracy in deciding whether the ball has completely crossed the goal-line or not. When a ball crosses the goal-line each time, it will be indicated by a buzzer. The students developed their version of goal-line technology using real-time image processing, which basically deals with simultaneous video capturing and image processing. They have implemented it using two cameras attached on either sides of the goal post.

The students are planning to implement this technology in domestic football matches.

“Right now we are going to implement the technology in our college football matches. We are hopeful that sponsors will come forward to help us to implement it in a large scale,” says Tharun Alex, one of the students.

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