Delhi Urban Development Minister A. K. Walia on Thursday once again raised the issue of how management of solid waste has become a huge problem for Delhi that produces about 8,500 metric tonnes of garbage daily.

Speaking at a day-long environmental workshop organised jointly by the Delhi Government along with Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, and Japan International Cooperation Agency, Dr. Walia said water conservation and waste management were vital for Delhi that was faced with management of garbage without the scope of developing new landfill sites due to paucity of land. The Minister also charged that the neighbouring States were also reluctant to provide land for disposal of Delhi’s garbage.

Stating that the Delhi Government was also concentrating on rainwater harvesting. Dr. Walia expressed confidence that the workshop would be able to throw light on the two complex issues of water conservation and waste management.

Chief Secretary Rakesh spoke of how Delhi with a population of 16 million people was poor in resources and had to depend for many natural things on its neighbouring States.

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