23-year-old Bihar native was involved in securing admission in city’s engineering colleges for students from his home State and Jharkhand

A 23-year-old youth was allegedly abducted by a group from his house in Injambakkam early on Friday.

According to the police, Pankaj, a native of Bihar, had completed engineering from a college on Old Mahabalipuram Road, a few years ago, and lived in a rented house in Hanumantha Colony, Injambakkam.

“His main source of income is the commission he gets from students of Bihar and Jharkand upon securing them seats in engineering colleges in the city,” said a senior police officer.

A group of six engineering students, all of who gained admission through Pankaj, also stay with him. They occupy two rooms in the house.

Around 3 a.m. on Friday, a group of unidentified persons barged into the ground-floor apartment and locked one of the bedrooms from outside.

They then asked a teenager, who was watching television in the hall, about Pankaj’s whereabouts.

“Pankaj, who was lying on a mattress in the other bedroom, responded upon hearing his name mentioned. The group went into his room and asked about some admission card. They then clubbed him before taking him away from the house and threatened the other boys against talking to the police,” said a police officer.

A police investigation team found blood stains on Pankaj’s mattress.

“Pankaj has never gotten into any trouble in the two years he has been living in the house. A different set of students stays with him every year,” said a relative of the house owner.

During enquiry, Prakash, one of Pankaj’s roommates, said that on August 6, Pankaj had gone to the house of someone called Rahul with whom he had had an argument earlier.

“We are enquiring if the abduction had some connection with the argument or if it is related to college admissions,” said the police. Special teams have been formed to trace Pankaj.

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