Schools are now going that extra mile to give their students the soundest revision before the board examination.

But for those grappling with student absenteeism, especially during examinations, it has not been an easy ride.

Schools which have seen such instances, say that they tread a careful balance between bringing students to school and at the same time not mounting pressure on them ahead of the examinations.

“This is a big challenge for us. When we call the parents on the day of the exam, they are mostly supportive of their children. Our class attendance is good, but we had close to nine absentees in class X half-yearly examination paper held after the Pongal holidays,” said a worried HM of a government-aided school in Mylapore, adding that they now scheduled their revision exam for the afternoon, because schools too are faced with the responsibility of delivering results.

The HM of a government girls school, said that there were 15-20 absentees on a day during the recent half-yearly examination. P. Sophia, who teaches higher secondary students at an aided school said that she saw 5-10 per cent absentees on days when there was a test or an important submission. But, with examination drawing closer, she says, that students are bucking up.

The prevalent absenteeism, however, is not true of all schools.

A headmaster of a government school in Saidapet said that of the 430 students set to write the board exams, only 3-4 students were absent on an average, and that too for valid reasons.