A worker suffered a fracture in his leg in the basement of the new domestic terminal after he accidentally started the battery-operated tug used to transfer baggage from the aircraft to the baggage collection area, airport sources said.

A supervisor of Bhadra International, the ground handling agency for Airports Authority of India (AAI), was noting down the details of arrival and departure flights when he hit the start button of the tug by mistake.

The vehicle began to move and as he did not know how to operate it, he jumped off and in the process, broke his leg, said an official of Bhadra.

“You can’t blame anyone in this case and it is clearly an accident. He was taken to the hospital immediately and given treatment,” the official said.

Sometime back, there was another accident on the ramp of the new domestic terminal

A trolley got unhooked from the tug and rammed an employee of Indian Airlines, the official added.

Steep slope

“The slope of the ramp is too steep and hence, the trolley got unhooked from the tug. The worker suffered a mild injury on his leg and returned to work after a few days. We have already informed AAI officials and audit had happened,” said the official.

Officials of AAI said that the steepness of the ramp cannot be rectified. It may remain a permanent problem.

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