Two loads of boulders brought in but not dumped on wall; two more houses in danger

After a house in Nettukuppam fell on Monday night, all that the Water Resources Department managed to bring in on Wednesday was two more loads of boulders to construct the much-needed sea wall.

On Tuesday, two loads were brought in but even those were not dumped on the wall.

“The trucks brought the boulders and dumped them on the road made of construction debris. The truck driver said that it was too dangerous to drive on the wall and that only the earthmover can dump the boulders,” said a resident.

Sources in the WRD said that the height of the sea wall would be increased and work on constructing the additional 150 metres of the wall would begin on Thursday.

“The sea has been particularly rough these past two days, which is why the boulders are settling. We will take up work to increase the height of the wall,” said the source.

A temple inside a thatched hut and two more houses are in immediate danger of being washed away due to sea erosion. Though on Wednesday officials from various government departments descended upon Nettukuppam and inspected the site, the shoreline saw no change.

Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board officials said that an insurance claim for the damaged house could be obtained. The Revenue Department also surveyed and measured land for constructing new homes for those whose homes are damaged.


Deepa H. RamakrishnanJune 28, 2012

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