Giggles are not just for little girls. Older women also love to indulge in some fun stuff, laughing, scampering or shaking a leg.

The women, who participated in a host of events organised at Citi Centre as part of International Women's Day celebrations organised by The Hindu on Sunday, were an excited bunch. Around 300 women who arrived early in the morning got ready to battle it out on the streets in their cars, hunting for treasures which they would get if they solved a set of clues or puzzles as they drove around the city. A total of 92 cars, with an average of three participants in each, took part in the rally and the treasure hunt. The treasure hunt as flagged off by Letika Saran, former Director General of Police. They returned to the Citi Centre past noon. Many were ready to relax, some called it a day, but others had not exhausted their stamina yet.

R. Nirajana decided to get her nails painted silver with black art on them. “I have never tried this. I hope it stays,” she responded with sparkling laughter as she spread her fingers.

Swarnalatha Jothi Kumar and her daughter-in-law Nivedita Ajai, an architect, scurried to find things that the anchor wanted them to fish from a woman's handbag. Ms. Nivedita found she was the only one among the 50 participants to possess a white stole and also managed to produce five 10-rupee notes to win prizes.

The two women took the day off from family to be together. “We are both like-minded,” Ms. Swarnalatha said. “We missed a couple of clues in the treasure hunt, but it was still interesting. We have enjoyed ourselves.”

Mythili Seetharaman a was perky, long after she returned to the mall after the treasure hunt. A teacher in National Public School in Gopalapuram too was enjoying herself thoroughly. “My children are all grown up,” she said as a way of explanation for not bringing her kids along.

The afternoon was devoted to fun activities such as tarot card reading and getting hair styled or sitting still while an artist sketched a caricature. Sitting still was perhaps the most difficult part, as sketching took some time and the model had to maintain her posture.


R. SujathaJune 28, 2012

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