Victim’s body found by domestic help; 25 sovereigns of jewellery, documents go missing

A 65-year-old woman was murdered at her home in JJ Nagar on Wednesday afternoon.

The police said the victim, Tripurasundari (65), was found murdered with stab injuries on the neck in her house, where she lived with her son, Muniraj. Around 25 sovereigns of gold jewellery and some documents were missing from the house. There was no sign of forced entry, the police said.

The victim was the wife of Raja Manoharan, a retired employee with the agricultural department who died a couple of years ago. They both hailed from Vellore. They had two children — Muniraj who works in VATECH company and a daughter who lives in Bangalore.

Muniraj, his wife, Vijaya, and Tripurasundari moved into their house in S.M. Narayanan Nagar in JJ Nagar two years back. Their residence is situated behind a guest house, at a few feet away from the street.

Most days Tripurasundari was alone in the house for a few hours after Muniraj and wife left for work. According to the police, her room was located towards the left side of the house.

“We have employed two women as domestic help. One stays till 10.30 a.m. and the other comes by 4 p.m.,” said Muniraj.

On Wednesday, when the help arrived at the house at 4 p.m., she found the door open and blood splattered.

“”She immediately informed my in-laws who live on the next street. They then informed me and my wife about my mother’s murder,” said Muniraj.

The body was found near the last room of the house. “Her face is swollen. I don’t know if it is due to a struggle with the murderer," said Muniraj.

Sources said the CCTV camera installed outside the guest house had recorded footage of a man clad in a black t-shirt walking into the lane that leads to the house at around 1.15 pm.  “We are trying to establish his identity and if he was the murderer,” said a police officer.

A teashop owner on the street said though it was a busy street, the house was secluded.

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