A women abandoned a month-old baby boy with a rickshaw puller on Walltax Road near Chennai Central railway station on Thursday.

The police said A. Muthu (60), a rickshaw puller, was waiting for customers around 8 a.m. when a young burka-clad woman gave the baby to him, requesting him to hold the baby while she went to receive her sick father at the railway station. Two hours later, when the woman had still not returned, Muthu searched for her, but in vain.

Muthu then handed over the boy at the Flower Bazzar police. “I am a pavement dweller and keeping a baby boy without knowing anything about the boy is a risk. She asked me to hold the baby for a few minutes,” Muthu said.

The police too searched for the woman in the station and made enquires at the Rajiv Gandhi General hospital to establish if a baby boy had gone missing. The police then handed over the baby at a government-approved home in the city.

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