The loss suffered by victims of white collar crimes in the city in 2010 was Rs.39 crore. Police arrested 677 persons in connection with such cases, which included bank fraud, cyber crime, job racketing, entrustment fraud and violation of intellectual property rights and recovered property worth Rs.15.94 crore.

Statistics compiled by the Central Crime Branch of the city police say that Rs.7.52 crore was the amount involved in 40 cases of bank frauds (29 cases of credit card and 11 cases of loan related frauds) registered last year.

A total of 66 persons allegedly involved in bank fraud cases were arrested, including a gang that fraudulently obtained confidential credit card details of customers from some big clothing stores and petrol bunks in the city and used them to purchase air tickets after establishing small travel agencies in north India. The gang cheated over 20 persons in city of Rs.2.12 lakh.

The Cyber Cell registered 48 cases last year, including 24 online cheating cases, in which residents reportedly lost Rs.1.61 crore to the suspects. A total of 44 persons have been arrested last year in connection with the cases, say police sources.

2010 also witnessed actor Sarath Kumar's movie ‘Jaggubai' being released on the internet when it was still in its postproduction stage. Cyber Cell probed the case and arrested one person on charges of illegally uploading the film online.


Petlee PeterJune 28, 2012

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