The curious case of the missing fans in MRTS stations is causing some sweat in the city.

In some stations, for instance, Kasturibai Nagar, only the long iron beams supporting ceiling fans remain; the fans are missing. In others, only the steel cages of fans mounted on the walls remain. The blades have vanished. In other stations, even those are not to be seen.

A large amount of money has been spent on creating the mostly elevated rail corridor between Velachery and Chennai Beach.

Against its capacity of carrying 3 lakh people, MRTS transports 85,000 people every day at present, but basic amenities are far from satisfactory.

Speaking to Southern Railway, The Hindu discovered that it is still not clear what has exactly happened to the missing fans.

While ground staff said that the fans might have been “probably taken away by miscreants” in the dead of the night, a section engineer said he had been informed that some of the fans were not working and had been taken away for repair.