A group of boys are riding cycles the way nobody else does. On a fast bike, Petlee Peter tries to keep pace with these kids

When a clutch of young bloods zip past on fancy power-packed motorcycles, most cycle-riding youngsters will be reduced to green-eyed envy. But a bunch of school students in Choolaimedu went beyond the visceral response. They have integrated into their cycles, elements associated with motorcycles. Not just that, they stick together and go on join rides, much the way motorcycling clubs do.

Meet Cycle Cyclones (CC), a ten-member group that rides ordinary cycles fitted with number plates, decorated with dazzling sticker jobs and motorcycle accessories. Namachivayapuram in Choolaimedu is CC’s home turf, but their appeal is much widera. They draw eyeballs as they go on group rides to crowded areas such as the Marina and the Elliot’s Beach. “In our neighbourhood, we often become objects of derision. Therefore, we want to make a mark outside our area,” says 15-year-old R. Manikandan, laughing. This boy, a class X student of Chennai Boys High School, Choolaimedu, is one of CC’s founders.

The cycle team, formed on New Year day 2013, was christened Cycle Cyclones by Manikandan and his friends following a week-long brainstorming session at the Gill Nagar Park. “We fought so much over

the name and finally unanimously decided on this one. We all are proud of the name,” adds Vicky alias Poovarasan (15), another key member of the cycle team.

On the exact moment when CC was conceived, Manikandan says, “While the boys were out on New Year’s Eve and holding a celebration, a group of bikers zipped past us and stole the show that night. That moment we decided we should be the stars the next day. And Cycle Cyclones was born.’’

After long hours at their computers, the boys made a logo for their team. And the tagline – Puyalai vida vegama poovom (We will travel faster than a cyclone) – makes their intentions clear. Besides an array motorcycle-specific components, every CC bicycle sports the team name in bold. Next in line is designing a common t-shirt and cap for the members.

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