Rama Vaidyanathan, resident of Officers Colony, Anna Nagar West: Many roads dug up in our locality were not properly re-laid, proving hazardous to residents. Last week, a car got stuck on the slushy Park Road and suffered damage. It took a couple of hours to retrieve the vehicle. Government agencies that dig up roads for developmental work must ensure they complete it within the stipulated period and re-lay the roads to avoid accidents.

R. Natraj, Director, Fire and Rescue Services: When it rains, Fire and Rescue Services staff have their job cut out. As we are equipped with the necessary tools, we are often called to cut trees and rescue persons trapped in vehicles. Often, we provide first aid and rush the victims to hospital. Last year, we received over 10,000 calls, from across the State. Though rescue work is a regular job, our rescue teams are put on alert during monsoon.

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