Giridhar J. Gyani, CEO, NABH

Accreditation is very important, more so in healthcare, as it is directly related to saving of lives. By monitoring processes and clinical outcome we can be sure that clinical processes are based on proven protocols. Regulation will ensure that at least healthcare organisations have minimum infrastructure in place before they are allowed to operate. Accreditation looks at processes and outcomes. If we had effective regulation, going for accreditation would have been easy. Quality does cost but absence of quality can cost you even your life.

V.S. Vijay, Minister for Health

The first step is to improve the infrastructure in hospitals. There are a list of standards under the NABH accreditation for infrastructure development and modifications. Right now, some government hospitals have received accreditation in the State, especially in rural areas. Insurance schemes, if operated in government facilities, can raise the revenue for infrastructure development. To maintain cleanliness in government hospitals, we will increase the number of staff and utilise outside support also.

Deen Dayal, patient, Sagar district, Madhya Pradesh

Some people from our village have come to Chennai for treatment since we do not have quality hospitals there. I brought Rs.15,000 with me. But the treatment is much higher here. We were told that there would be a concession if we produce our ration card. My relatives have posted it, and we have been waiting in Chennai for the last three days. We are not sure how much concession we would get on producing the card.

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Making a mark in offering quality treatment February 20, 2012

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