In a bid to ensure judicious water consumption in multi-storeyed buildings, Chennai Metrowater has started insisting that consumers residing in buildings with three floors and above fix water meters.

Educational institutions, hospitals and commercial establishments must also adhere to the water metering system as they fall under the category of water intensive connections. Metrowater officials said that about 14,000 such buildings had been identified so far for installing meters.

Though the water agency had made it mandatory for multi-storeyed buildings and water intensive consumers to install water meters in 2008, it did not insist on compliance as there was a lot of resistance from consumers. However, Metrowater has now decided to launch a drive for the installation of the meters now.

Of the total 6.63 lakh assessees, only 18,232 have metered connections. Nearly one lakh assessees have only sewer connections.

There are nearly 7,500 consumers of water intensive connections. Other consumers, including those in individual houses, would be covered in a phased manner. People who are applying for new connections are being directed to install meters. On an average, the water agency receives about 10,000 applications for connections annually.

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