The Vel Tech Dr. RR & Dr. SR University has announced the Vel Tech Mahatma Gandhi National Merit Scholarships, Awards and Rewards Scheme for 2010-2011.

The top three students from each State admitted to B.Tech. through the VTUEEE 10 entrance examination will receive scholarships covering full tuition and hostel (boarding and lodging) fees for four years.

Fee concession

Top 100 students admitted to B.Tech. with not less than 90 per cent in the aggregate in mathematics, physics and chemistry in class XII examinations will get 50 per cent concession in tuition fees.

Top 100 students joining B.Tech. with at least 85 per cent in the aggregate in the three subjects will be given 50 per cent concession in tuition fees under the Vel Tech Mahatma Gandhi Joint Scholarship Scheme in association with The Hindu and Hindustan Times.

Among those joining M.E./M.Tech., the first three rank holders in university examinations in undergraduate programmes will receive full scholarship.

For those in MBA, full scholarship will be given to the top three rank-holders in the entrance examination and 50 per cent scholarship to the top 12 students — three from each zone.

Candidates securing the top three ranks in the entrance examination and in the university examinations will automatically be included for determining the first three ranks in each zone. Candidates who have passed their degree examinations in the first class in their universities will be granted a concession of Rs.10,000 in first year fees.

Refund of tuition fees

First rank-holders in each branch in the semester/annual university examinations will receive full refund of tuition fees for that semester. Aggregate first rank-holders in the final year in each branch will get full refund of tuition fees paid during the course.

Students in “proven research and development projects” will receive a refund of the fees paid for the entire course.

Students securing admission to foreign universities for higher studies will receive a cash reward of Rs. 15,000.