Exnora International on Saturday launched ‘Must Quit O’, an initiative to cope with the mosquito menace in residential localities.

As part of the initiative, the owners of over 25,000 plots of unoccupied land in the city have been requested to make minor modifications on their land, including construction of wells and installation of rainwater harvesting facilities to control mosquito breeding.

“The government has been requested to facilitate such massive modifications on vacant plots of land, as in the case of a previous rain-water harvesting drive that was successful,” said M.B. Nirmal, founder of Exnora.

The challenges caused by breeding grounds in over 25,000 unoccupied plots of land, two lakh overhead tanks, 74,526 wells, 65,166 sumps and 1,300 km of storm water drains will also be tackled through the collective effort of residents, he added.

Members will start inducting new volunteers, particularly students, as ‘Exnora Mosquito Musketeers’. They will create awareness in schools, colleges, offices, industries and residential localities on prevention of water stagnation.

“The residents will be persuaded to make suitable bores in the vacant lands. We normally put IN bores only to suck water. Now the empty plots’ owners can make bores for something completely opposite. Suitably designed bores will facilitate recharge of the water table after rain and simultaneously solve the problem of breeding due to water stagnation,” said Mr. Nirmal.

The government can play a role in motivating the owner to dig a well in the plot and introduce larvae-eating fish to keep a check on mosquito breeding, he added.

The entire campaign will focus on dealing with the problem at the source. The emphasis will be on preventing water stagnation in any form, in any place.

Exnora will conduct massive innovative rallies and demonstrations involving students throughout the city by this month end.

As part of the mosquito control operations, the Chennai Corporation has already intensified its drive by obtaining the services of private organisations and procurement of fogging equipment.