In the wake of anti-US protests in the city and the attack on the US Consulate last Friday by Islamic outfits over the controversial film Innocence of Muslims, the consul general Jennifer McIntyre called on the new city police commissioner S. George on Thursday. The contents of the meeting, however, haven’t been disclosed.

According to sources with the police commissionerate, the meeting, with the consul general officially meeting the new commissioner who took charge on Wednesday morning, was primarily for discussion on security steps for the Consulate.

US Consulate officials in Chennai refused to comment on the meeting. However, a spokesperson said that it was an official meeting.

Speaking about the visa interviews which were postponed following the protests and attacks, he said the appointments for this week had been rescheduled for next week. “We are planning to open the Consulate for the public from Monday.”

Meanwhile, the Consulate has made special arrangements for applicants. “Some of them who had appointments this week and had gone to other metros following the rescheduling were given the option to contact the consular offices there,” he said. On an average, 1,000 visa applicants visit the Consulate daily.

The problem started on Friday after cadres of the Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam and a few other Muslim outfits targeted the US Consulate.

On Tuesday evening, the situation escalated as thousands of protestors held an agitation outside Tarapore towers. Traffic came to a standstill from Spencer Plaza to Dams Road and Thousands Light for half an hour. Some protesters and policemen were injured in the clash that ensued.

A posse of policemen continue to be posted outside the Consulate to provide security.


Hundreds throng US consulate for visasSeptember 26, 2012

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