Even as anti-U.S. protests continued for the fourth day on Monday in Chennai, the U.S. Consulate announced that it will remain shut till Wednesday in the wake of the recent attack by Islamic outfits over the controversial film Innocence of Muslims that allegedly tarnishes the image of the prophet.

On Friday, the consulate came under attack from the Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam (TMMK). “On Sunday we decided to close the office for a few days. Since Wednesday is a State holiday we decided to open on Thursday. We have to see the situation and then decide,” said a consulate spokesperson.

The consulate has rescheduled all visa appointments. “All applicants have been contacted and informed about the change of dates,” said the spokesperson.

Meanwhile, the consulate looked like a fortress with a large posse of policemen posted around the building.

The service lane by the side of consulate building was cordoned off and a police man kept informing the motorists about the alternative route available.