A group of people, who claimed to be cattle owners, on Friday attempted to take away rescued cattle housed on Blue Cross premises in Velachery. However, when media persons arrived, the group left in a hurry.

Dawn Williams of Blue Cross said that about 23 cows that were rescued while being transported for slaughter were brought to its shelter from Villupuram in January this year. Even then, three animals were on the verge of death. In the following months, three more animals died. Meanwhile, Villupuram police, made a request to the Animal Welfare Board of India to issue a No-Objection Certificate to transport the cattle, as the cattle owner had obtained an order from the Madras High Court for their release.

Following this, the AWBI requested the State Animal Husbandry authorities to send a team of veterinarians to check the health of the cattle. The vet team issued a certificate that only four of the cows were fit for transportation, and the rest of 13 could not be transported.