In an attempt to understand the primary education system in India and exchange ideas to improve the teaching methodologies, two teachers from Edward Richardson Primary School, Lincolnshire, U.K., are on a seven-day visit to Calibre Academy in the city.

The visit is part of the Global School partnership programme between the institutions. The teachers will observe the classes and projects done by the students on water, food, recession and terrorism. “We will share ideas that will mutually benefit us to improve our quality of education,” Madhuvanthi Arun, managing trustee of Calibre Educational Foundation, said at a programme to announce their visit here on Friday.

Anthony Hyde, head teacher of Edward Richardson Primary School, said the strength of the Indian educational system was its syllabi. “Every education system has its own constraints. Our system is more interactive. This programme is to offer suggestions to improve each other’s teaching methods,” he said.

Tracy Lynam, the other teacher from the school, said she was “looking forward to interact with the students and learn more about the experience of learning in India.”

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