The youth reportedly drowned off the Marina beach on April 17, 2011 and was buried here soon after being declared "unidentified".

A tearful Manoharan, a daily-wage labourer from Coimbatore, stood outside the Marina police station for hours on Monday, hoping to hear from policemen where exactly his 26-year-old son was buried in 2011.

The youth reportedly drowned off the Marina on April 17, 2011 and was buried here soon after being declared “unidentified”.

Manoharan’s eldest son Ashok Kumar left for Chennai from Coimbatore on April 16, 2011 with two friends for painting work at a construction site in Mylapore. While his friends returned in a few days, there was no sign of Ashok and his mobile phone remained switched off.

“His friends told me that Ashok had left earlier. After desperate attempts to locate my son, I finally approached the Ramanathapuram police station in Coimbatore,” said Manoharan, who is a resident of Puliakulam.

“The Coimbatore police registered a man missing case but we are not sure if they contacted the Chennai city police,” said Prem Kumar, Ashok’s younger brother, who accompanied his father.

“We ran from pillar to post for two years to get information on Ashok but in vain,” he said. Last month, Coimbatore police showed Manoharan a photograph of a dead body which he identified as that of his missing son.

“They told me that Ashok had drowned while swimming off the Marina beach in 2011 and that his body was declared unidentified and buried in some location in Chennai,” said the father, who suspects his son’s co-workers may have murdered him as they had admitted to have discarded Ashok’s belongings and claimed ignorance about the drowning.

Coimbatore police asked Manoharan to approach the Chennai city police. On Monday morning, Manoharan and Prem approached the Office of the Commissioner of Police here and were referred to the Marina police station.

“I’m waiting to find out where my son was buried so that I can take what is left of him to perform the last rites,” he said. “We did not get any satisfactory answers. We will come again tomorrow,” said the grieving father as he walked away.

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