A bridled dolphin and a Risso’s dolphin washed ashore dead along the east coast of Kovalam, and in Uyyalikupppam near Kalpakkam, on Monday.

Volunteers of TREE Foundation who visited the spot said the bridled dolphin washed ashore near Kovalam, and measured 6.7-feet-long and weighed more than 120 kg.

There were several cut marks all over the carcass. Local fishermen said the cuts could have been caused by entanglement in a long line net spread for tuna fishing.

Supraja Dharini of the Foundation said bridled dolphin was one of the lesser-known cetaceans, as their numbers in the wild have dwindled due to indiscriminate fishing.

In offshore areas, this species of dolphins was encountered in schools of hundreds or thousands, she said.

Risso’s dolphin

The Foundation also received information about a dead dolphin at Uyyalikuppam near Kalpakkam. The carcass of the dolphin was highly decomposed. The tail region was severely damaged and it appeared to have gotten entangled in a ghost net.

The mammal measured 9.6 feet in length but its weight could not be ascertained as only the bones and skin were there. The mammal could have died after getting entangled in a gill net used by fishermen, said Ms. Dharini.

The Foundation had recorded an unusual number of cetacean and sea turtles getting stranded, especially from December last year, she said.

Information regarding stranded marine mammals may be communicated to Ms. Dharini on 94440-52242.