In an effort to address issues pertaining to sexual liberty and rights of sexual minorities, popular television transgender anchor Rose Venkatesan has floated the Sexual Liberation Party of India, which she says, will be formed with like-minded people who believe in ‘sexuality as a basic right.'

Right from legalising prostitution and brothel centres to making necessary amendments to the Constitution, Ms. Venkatesan says, there are many reforms her party believes in.

“For instance, the present adultery law is archaic which does not penalise women if they commit adultery. We are in favour of a world without any adultery laws,” she said.

You may always choose to be with someone throughout your life but not every person can do that. Society by marriage imposes rules that which infringes on the right of the person, she said.

Five per cent reservation for minorities and 40 per cent reservation for women is what her party will ask for to bring in a sense of equality in educational and economic opportunities, she added.

Accusing the institutions of caste and religion of infringing on individual rights, Rose said that it is only natural for people to have ‘feelings of love and sex' and it is important the minimum age for sex is lowered to 14-15 which is when many adolescents feel sexual repression. Ms. Rose said that she will soon formally launch the party and might even contest for parliamentary elections next year.

“I already have many supporters but many are not willing to come out. We will attract more by rallies and events such as slut walks in the next few months. We need to discuss sex and sexuality freely only then sexual freedom will be respected.”