Kaavyamritham (Magic of the Muse), a tribute to the poets, was this years’ theme for the 55th anniversary celebration of PSBB Group of Schools which was held recently..

In events such as dance, drama, and music, students brought out the essence of the works of poets from Haiku to Homer and Kalidasa to Kannadasa.

Students of PSBB, T. Nagar, gave a performance on Kumarasambhavam by Kalidasa. A dance drama on Navarasa in Kannadasan was performed by PSBB, Nungambakkam. A drama on Trojan War by Homer was staged by PSBB, K.K. Nagar. Students of Siruseri School gave a performance on The Monkey and the Crocodile by Vikram Seth.

The other events were based on works such as Krishna Karnamrutham, Hanuman Chalisa, Nandanar Charithram, from the works of Saint Tyagaraja, The Tale of the Musical Prodigy, In the Bazaars of Hyderabad, Lochinvar, The Nutcracker and others.

A dance on All the World’s a Stage andthe soliloquies of Hamlet and Antony was staged. There was a performance on Padhyaamruthalahari.

The chief guest was Bhakti Bharathi Pujyasri Prema Pandurang, a renowned personality in rendition of spiritual discourses.

The guest of honour was Sangeetha Kala Bharathi B. Kannan


Culture & HeritageMay 14, 2012

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