This is the third time TANGEDCO is doing so

A couple of days ago, Lakshmi Raj, a professional corporate trainer returned to her flat on Police Commissioner's Office Road looking forward to some well-earned rest after a hard day's work. The first thing she did was switch on the air-conditioner and within minutes, the entire apartment complex plunged into darkness.

It was then she found out that that the staff of Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) had removed a 250 KVA transformer from her apartment complex without prior notice. “Even when our apartment secretary asked them, they did not bother to answer,” said Ms. Lakshmi, who is also the president of the apartment's resident welfare association.

There are two transformers – a 250 KVA one and a 500 KVA one - in the apartment complex to meet the load of all the flats. “We installed an additional transformer as we knew that the demand will be more and an equipment of smaller capacity would not suffice. All the houses have a minimum of two bedrooms with air-conditioners,” said Lakshmi.

Despite being aware of this situation, TANGEDCO staff walked into the apartment complex at 10.30 a.m on Monday morning and started removing the 500 KVA transformer. Due to this, the power supply to the apartment complex which has over 60 flats was disrupted.

Voltage fluctuations

“Heavy voltage fluctuation and frequent power cuts have affected our day to day chores. We are unable to use the air conditioners when the heat is unbearable,” said Neeraj, a resident of the complex. Home makers are also facing difficulties. “It is very difficult to run the electrical equipment in the house. If we run a mixer, grinder or a washing machine, the voltage either drops or the supply is cut,” said Mrs. Lakshmi.

This is the third time the transformer is being removed. Though TANGEDCO officials provided alternative power supply, residents pointed out that since they have paid for a second transformer, it is unacceptable that it be taken away. “We write a letter to the TANGEDCO whenever the transformer is removed. Then they re-install it after 15 days,” said S.Saravanan, the caretaker of the complex. When contacted, TANGEDCO officials said that they had taken the transformer to replace a faulty one at the neighbouring Government building. “In a couple of days, the transformer will be reinstalled in the apartment complex,” said the official.


Vivek NarayananJune 28, 2012

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