Those violating traffic rules would be forced to shell out more from Monday. With the new ‘spot fine' slabs announced by the Chennai City Traffic Police coming into effect, repeat offenders would be specifically targetted.

Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Sanjay Arora said that the State government has increased the ‘compounding fee' attached to each offence as per the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act.

For example, those violating the mandatory use of helmet provision would have to pay a fine of Rs.100 from Monday, as against Rs.50. In case the person violates the same provision again, a fine of Rs.300 could be charged.

The existing fine structure came into effect in 2007. The government made a decision to hike the fine amounts for 34 different types of traffic offences after a proposal was made by CCTP to bring in greater deterrence.

Essentially, all offences that attracted a fine of Rs.50 have been modified such that the minimum fine amount from Monday would become Rs.100. Select provisions have also been identified for more stringent penalty. A motorist riding a vehicle without registration plate would henceforth be liable to pay Rs.2,500, as against Rs.500.

Mr.Arora said that for many years, Chennai's traffic ‘spot fine' structure had been kept much lower than cities such as Bangalore and Delhi. “Even these present rates were prescribed in 1988 when the MV Act was passed,” he said.