In a show sparkling with vibrancy, a team of Russian singers and dancers filled the Russian Centre of Science and Culture auditorium with soulful music and elegant dance moves.

The inaugural performance of the 15-day Russian Music and Dance festival that got under way here on Sunday was a 10-minute-long dance-cum-music folk show that gave a sneak peek into the various aspects of Russia's traditional art forms.

The songs, which are part of the centuries-old tradition of Russia, were tailor-made to appeal to contemporary and global audience, a performer said. The singers began each performance with brisk clapping and rounded it off with cheerful ‘vanakkams.'

The rhythm of the music, though slow-paced now and then, was well made for dancing. The performers swirled, swayed and hopped occasionally, as the instrumentalists followed them in synchronised moves.

Inaugurating the festival, A.R.Lakshmanan, former judge of the Supreme Court, said the festival was an attempt to promote the exchange of arts and culture between Indian and Russia.

Gorbunova Larisa, Head of the International Department, Ugelich Region, Government of Russia, said the Ugelich district administration would soon set up a trade centre in Chennai to strengthen business ties between the two countries.

Commissioner of Tamil Nadu Tourism department A.C.Mohandas said both the countries have diverse culture and rich tradition that need to be popularised globally. Pointing to the variety of art forms in Tamil Nadu, he said it was important for foreign tourists to visit the State to learn more about the cultural richness.

Observing that the State government has been supporting many such cultural events, Commissioner of Arts and Culture P.A.Mani said the Russian arts and cultural festival is being sponsored by the State government in a bid to introduce global art forms to people. The Russian troupe would be performing at the trade fair in Island Grounds on January 23, he added.

The festival, being organised by Indo Russian Dance and Music Illam, will also be held in Neyveli, Salem, Vellore, Coimbatore, Thanjavur, Kanyakumari, Madurai and Puducherry.

Russian Consul General Nikolai Listapadov and Indo Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industries Chief Executive Secretary P.Thangappan spoke.


Arts, Entertainment & EventsMay 14, 2012

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