Voltaire once said ‘Nothing would be more tiresome than eating if God had not made it both a pleasure and a necessity”. Food has always been an important part of any culture. Today however for a few youngsters like me food itself has become a culture in our cult! And that is why we refuse to settle for just Idly and Sambar.

Situated in the food court of Express Avenue, Nutri7 offers more than just good food. Although , it looks like just another counter in a food court , the bright green letters that say ‘Exotic Salad House' definitely attract the adventurous person!

Try them all

As I walk into the food court a little puzzled by the massive Express Avenue, the staff at Nutri7 are exceptionally welcoming. I am greeted with a warm smile and given the menu card. However, the variety confuses me too much as I settle for a little bit of everything. What a good thing it was!

Raghunathan of Nutri7 carefully and passionately briefs me about the restaurants. He says “ There are many restaurants that serve non-vegetarian , Indian cuisine and even international food. But there is a huge misconception that a salad is just a few vegetables mixed together! Salad making is an art by itself and the dressings we use are also very important. We decided to explore something wild, different and unusual but at the same time not comprising on quality or taste and so , Nutri7 was born!.

Having talked about the concept and hospitality here is the best part : The food!

I almost forget that I am in a crowded mall as I am served little cups of delightfully colourful salads. I am also given multigrain bread to supplement the salads. A little confused about what to binge in I first decide to take a bite of my favourite: A salad made of sweet corn and soya bean! The juicy flavour and subtle sweetness of the salad are divine! Next on the list is one that will definitely appeal to the Indian taste buds, potato salad with tahini paste which perfectly blends with the bread. The rice and pasta salad are only for the experimental, however it is definitely worth trying! Then again, for those who would stick to the usual, there is a salad made out of Rajma and a fruit salad.

However, the best part about the entire meal was the Momo bites! Supposedly made out of vegetable and Maida, the soft dumpling like balls with authentic flavour is a must try. The different menu narrows down to the usual favourites when it comes the dessert black forest , chocolate mousse, not that I am complaining! Also, this whole concept of a salad house is not fully for the adventurous. There are a few items on the menu like pasta, noodles, beverages ,fries , wedges or momo bites that anyone can enjoy!

On the down side the fact that salads have to be made out of fresh fruits and vegetables does reflect on the prices! Also, the menu is not all nutritious , but the fact that it is relatively healthier! The aesthetic aspect of food is a little lacking apart from the colourfully designed salads of course.

The verdict: Nutri7 is worth experimenting , considering there are hardly any salad houses in the city. The quality of food served is very good , although it is a little heavy on the pockets. Next time you step into Express Avenue you know where to head for! Bon Appétit!

Nandhitha is a Std XI student of Chettinad Vidyashram.

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