New rates are for a period of two years from July 1

The toll rates on Rajiv Gandhi Salai (IT Expressway) have been hiked. From July 1, a car taking the IT Expressway will have to pay Rs.2 more for a single trip and Rs.5 for a return trip. A car owner will have to pay up Rs.60 for a daily pass and Rs.1,450 for a monthly pass.

The new toll rates are for a period of two years from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2012.

For three wheelers, the hike is Re.1 for single trip and Rs.2 for a return trip. The toll rate has gone up by Rs.3, Rs. 5 and Rs. 7 for a LCV, bus and truck respectively for a single trip and by Rs.5 and Rs.10 for the return trip within 24 hours. A monthly pass will hereafter cost Rs.1,950 for LCVs, Rs.3,100 for buses and Rs.4,650 for trucks and Rs.9,400 for MAVs.

An official release said that the State government had fixed toll rates under the Indian Tolls Act, 1851 for various categories of vehicles using Rajiv Gandhi Salai (Phase 1) for a period of 30 years from July 1, 2006 with an increase of 10 per cent over the existing toll rate every two years.

The government permitted IT Expressway Limited to collect toll in the project road for the 30-year period ending June 30, 2036, but actual toll collection was started with effect from December 15, 2008.

While the toll rates fixed by the government were for only single trips, the IT Expressway Limited fixed concessional rates for return, daily and monthly passes for various categories considering representations received from various quarters, the release said, explaining the reason behind the hike in toll rates. For additional information or help call 044-24967755 or 9600001051.

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